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made for olim tiyulim

strengthening your connection to israel

These are the tiyulim and the stories that native Israelis are raised on.

And these are the tiyulim and the stories that will help olim create an even deeper connection and bond with the land and country they chose to call their home.​

who is made for olim tiyulim for?

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Olim (immigrants) make the choice to drastically change their lives and make aliyah to Israel due to their strong love and passion for the Land and State of Israel. They deeply believe in the return of the Jewish people to the Jewish ancestral homeland and desire to be part of this monumental and historical moment in Jewish history.


And while their love and support for Israel know no limits, olim often don't have the opportunity to learn in depth about the inspiring stories and history behind Israel's creation, survival and incredible success.


Additionally, upon making aliyah there are so many essential details that olim must take care of -- housing, jobs, education for kids, ulpan, etc. -- that taking a course or going on tiyulim to improve one's understanding of Israeli history seems like a luxury that they can't give attention to for the moment. And that moment gets pushed off again and again for so many olim.   

But at the right time, once they get more settled in and feel more comfortable with the rhythm and routine of their new country, there is nothing better olim can do for themselves and their families than to take the time to go on tiyulim that will open their eyes (and their hearts) to the incredible and inspiring stories that play an essential role in:


  • How Israel was created in the first place against so many odds,

  • How Israel survived against so many constant  existential threats, and

  • How Israel has not only survived but has thrived and become a global leader in so many fields in the 21st century.


"Made for Olim" tiyulim are specially designed to give olim the knowledge, understanding and awareness of Israel's ancient and modern history that will help them to more strongly feel part of Israeli society.


Tiyulim include visits to sites related to early years of Zionism, British Mandate, War of Independence, Six Day War, security and history on the Golan Heights, Gaza-area communities and many, many more.


Fill out the "Contact" form below to begin the process of creating a unique day or multiple-day tiyul that is made just for you!!     

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