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On this exciting virtual tour we will:


Explore the southern tip of Israel, known as the Arava Valley and learn about its ancient history as well as the innovative modern farming communities that dot this gorgeous terrain.


We’ll take a look at the most southern city in Israel, Eilat, and learn about how it became part of the State of Israel during the War of Independence in 1948.


We’ll take a virtual hike of the stunning mountains outside of Eilat and learn about their unique names and see the incredible views they offer. We will also “stand” in a place where you can see 4 different countries at the same time!


Lastly, we will venture into the Sinai desert (like the ancient Israelites did!) and discover a mountain that some (not all, but some) people think is the actual mountain on which the Torah was given so many years ago.

Virtual Tour of Israel's Desert, Eilat and the Sinai

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