Becoming Israeli...Without Moving to Israel.

Seventeen years ago I radically changed my life.

Seventeen years ago I made aliyah to Israel.

Nothing could have prepared me for the adventure that lay ahead, the numerous ways in which I would be challenged, or the diverse ways in which I would change.

Looking back I can divide these 17 years into 3 distinct phases.

The first: the “I live in Israel!” phase.

The second: the “Becoming Israeli” phase.

The third: allow me to briefly explain the first two before getting to that.

“I Live in Israel!”

I imagine every oleh/olah (immigrant) to Israel goes through this phase. It’s characterized by a hyper-awareness of having made the incredibly historical decision to make aliyah and live in the Jewish state with Jewish people everywhere you go. It means being in awe of those thousands of little, and not so little, pieces and parts of Israeli soc