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Visit Jerusalem Virtually
on Jerusalem Day!

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JERUSALEM DAY is the anniversary and commemoration of the reunification of Jerusalem and Israel gaining sovereignty of the Old City during the 1967 Six Day War.

That makes it a perfect time to...

Visit the Old City of Jerusalem and City of David to learn about Jerusalem's ancient historical roots

Understand the historical and religious significance of the Western Wall

Learn about the battle for Jerusalem during the Six Day War

Explore the significance of Israel regaining control of the Western Wall in 1967 and how it has shaped the modern Middle East

And more!

Cost: $10

Guided by Akiva Gersh:

Akiva Gersh has worked in the field of Jewish and Israel Education since 1999. He has taught thousands of students throughout his career, guiding them through Jewish and Israeli history, both in the classroom, on trips around Israel as well as online. He holds a BA in Religious Studies from Brown University and an MA in Jewish Education from Yeshiva University.  

Where: The comfort of your home.

How: On-demand recording of virtual that you can watch at your convenience.

Click on the button below, make payment and receive the  link to the virtual tour in your email inbox!

If there are any problems or if you have a question, email Akiva at

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