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Visit Israel Virtually
During Hanukkah!

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Visit archaeological sites in Israel that date back to the time of the Maccabees

See examples of how the Menorah was used as a symbol of Jewish strength and pride in ancient Israel

Learn how the modern State of Israel has incorporated the Menorah into its national image and identity 

Discover the delicious custom of eating oily foods on Hanukkah, specifically latkes and donuts...and how Israelis take this custom very, very seriously!

Cost: $10

Guided by: Akiva Gersh, Jewish and Israel Studies educator since 1999. Akiva has taught thousands of students throughout his career, guiding them through Jewish and Israeli history, both in the classroom and on excursions around the State of Israel. He holds a BA in Religious Studies from Brown University and an MA in Jewish Education from Yeshiva University.  

Where: The comfort of your home.

How: Click on the button below, make payment and receive the virtual tour in your email inbox!

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